Bren Color Access Card Security Enrollment

If you have obtained a color version of the UCSB Access Card and require after hours access please fill out the form below.

This process will only work for those who have actually obtained a new version of the color Access Card. The easiest way to tell is if the card has a line of dot matrix printed information on the backside of the card at the bottom. (highlighted in red below)

Once your request has been processed, you will be emailed notifying you that your access has either been granted, or that more information is required.
Enter your full name as it appears on the front of your Access Card.
This is located directly under your photo on the front of the Access Card. If you are a student this will be similar to your perm number, for staff / faculty it will be similar to your employee id.

On the backside of your Access Card at the bottom there is a dot matrix printed string of text and numbers that start with a "*" sign. Please type only the first 6 digits that follow the "*" sign. (example circled in red below) If your Access Card lacks this line of printed text it is likely an old version of the card and will not work with the security system.


Specify an email address to have your secret pin number emailed to.
I am a MESM / MEDS / PhD student and only need normal student access*
Select your affiliation with BREN*
Select your affiliation with BREN*
Security access needed*
Security access end date*
With whom can we contact to verify your building access request?
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